About The Queen

With Queen of To Do, you’re not just getting a personal assistant...
You’re getting your life back!

Our goal is to give our clients hours back their evenings and weekends. Spend that time with friends and family, get the massage you’ve been putting off, or build your own business in those few extra hours each week!.


 Queen of To Do launched in January 2011.  

After nearly 5 years teaching Psychology and Statistics labs at Drake University, Kate and her husband was transferred to Austin by his company. The challenge: What to do for work!

Thus, Queen of To Do was born! However, what was intended as a simple errand service has evolved immensely, meeting needs for clients across the country.

Not sure if we can help? Try us! We're pretty sure we can! We don’t say “We do all the things!” for nothing!

Royal Services

Time is a hot commodity. There never seems to be enough of it. Running a business or working your way up in the world can leave very few waking hours a week. Who wants to waste those on tedious trips to the dry cleaner, grocery store, and vet?

What's the best part? Generally we can get things done more quickly than our clients. We’re not running errands during peak weekend times or evening rush hour. We’re not squeezing laundry in between making dinner while helping kids with homework, hoping to make the bedtime rush. We take care of everything while you work!

  •  Laundry: Wash, dry, fold, put away
  •  Errands/Returns
  •  General tidying
  •  Organization
  •  Packing/Unpacking
  •  Vehicle Upkeep (ie: wash/taking to shop)
  •  Meal prep: Washing, chopping, light cooking
  •  Holiday prep: Decorating, gift wrapping
  •  Online tasks: Research, orders, blog/podcast production, social media mgmt, scheduling, email processing
  •  Office support: Filing, shredding, etc.
  •  Basically anything legal

So is there anything we don’t do?! Just one thing: Housekeeping! We’ll gladly clean up after ourselves if we’re doing meal prep. We’ll even empty and reload your dishwasher or give the counters a quick wipedown to give you a day off from those chores. We don’t do bathrooms, baseboards, dusting, or any other deeper cleaning.

Royal Rates

Ok! I'm a believer!

But how much is this going to cost me?

  •  Rates start at $40 per hour
  •  [packages are available]