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Introducing Queen of To Do's

Royal Harmony Handbook

Your Personal Blueprint for a Balanced Life

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Meet Your New Home Lifesaver

Life can be chaotic, especially when juggling work, family, and household duties. The Royal Harmony Handbook is your all-in-one solution, uniquely designed to organize your home life down to the smallest details. Over a focused 2-3 hour session, we'll collaborate with you to document every aspect of your home's daily operations.

For the busy mother

Feeling overwhelmed with a demanding career and raising a family? Imagine if you could outsource the 'mental load' without endless explanations and do-overs.

For the single professional

Want to focus on what really drives you instead of mundane tasks? The Royal Harmony Handbook makes it effortless to delegate so you can reclaim your time and live your best life.

Now, your personal assistant can hit the ground running from day one, minimizing interruptions and taking proactive steps to manage your home effectively.



Features and Benefits: Elevate Your Home Management

Discover how the Royal Harmony Handbook can make your life easier, one detail at a time.

Customized Onboarding

Invest 2-4 hours with our experts to discuss every detail of your home and service preferences

  • Lessen your mental load from day one.
  • Efficiently delegate tasks, no micromanagement needed.

Proactive Management

Enable your personal assistant to become a proactive manager of your home

  • Reach that 'aha' moment where everything just clicks.
  • Your personal assistant anticipates your needs, you focus on your goals.

Comprehensive Details

Over 100 key pieces of information for smooth home operations

  • Nothing slips through the cracks, even on the busiest days.
  • Outsource effectively, without losing control.

Designed for Everyone

Perfect for homes with nannies, housekeepers, or other support staff
  • Harmonize everyone's efforts effortlessly.
  • A playbook everyone in your home can follow.


Special Offer

Sign up for our 15+ hour retainer plans and get your personalized Royal Harmony Handbook for free ($500 value)



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