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Austin plant care and styling indoor jungle

Curious about what kind of hassles we've handled for our clients? Every family and client is unique! Our typical clients are busy professionals with families, but we have helped an astoundingly diverse range of clients take care of their to-do lists and take back their weekends. From aging seniors who just need help around the house to families who need a house manager to look after their expansive Austin-area estate property, Queen of To Do has you covered. 


Take a look at three of our long-term (anonymized) clients.

The Warner Family in East Austin

Queen of To Do was a home remodel concierge for the Warners, helping to keep an extensive remodeling project on track. We scheduled and were present to collect quotes from various general contractors and service providers for work needed, packed up the home and got it all ready for the remodel. We were there to let contractors into the house and lock up afterwards, made countless runs to Lowe’s for miscellaneous supplies to keep the project on schedule, and put the whole house back together afterwards so the Warner Family could return to a tidy and organized space instead of post-construction chaos. 

During our nearly 7 years as personal assistants and family concierges for this family, we have help them set up and manage a rental property, given a home office refresh (that has since been seen in numerous national news segments!), created a lush outdoor oasis filled with plants we tend weekly, as well as other ongoing house chores and maintenance tasks such as laundry, kids' bento box and family meal prep, an incredible pool refresh, and so much more. 

The Matthews Family from Downtown Austin

This family likes to travel internationally for months and rent out their Austin home on AirBnb. Queen of To Do takes care of the in-between guest work: letting in the housekeepers for a deep clean, replacing toiletries, washing bedding, watering the plants, picking up the mail, and dealing with any issues (small or large!) that arise from time to time. When the family is in town we assist with Keto meal prep, laundry, tidying, and home maintenance projects as they arise.

Queen of To Do also recently helped move Jason's father from Austin to Connecticut. Our team packed up his two bedroom apartment in a single day, hired and supervised movers loading the boxes into a uHaul. Two of our Personal Assistants drove that uHaul to Connecticut and supervised unloading, then set up Earl’s new apartment. In just a few short days they unpacked and professionally organized all of his possessions, purchased and assembled new furniture, hung artwork, and took care of all the little comforts, from a tidily made bed to filling the fridge with his favorite groceries. The family could relax, knowing that we have the move handled.

The Brown Family, headed by a recently-separated busy professional in Pflugerville

Amelia runs her own business and works from home, but often works long hours on short notice and has some health conditions that zap a lot of her energy. She really enjoys when the house is neat and tidy, but rarely has time or the spoons to put it back together! Queen of To Do helps tidy up so she can have a calm, uncluttered home office/bedroom to work in. We work with Amelia and her sons to ensure what we suggest is actually useful since every home and family has unique needs. They’re all neurodivergent and need their home to be functional: with similar items together and in a place that’s logical to them

Amelia also recently completed some home renovation projects in her home and needed help getting everything back where it should be. Queen of To Do has set up and organized her bathroom, the boys’ bathroom, a Texas A&M themed loft, kitchen (and coffee bar!), her WFH office space, the guest room, and family room. Up next is designing and planting a dreamy backyard getaway, with flowers, fruits, and vegetables, a hammock, fountain, Zen garden for meditation, outdoor kitchen, hot tub, and lounging area with a fire pit.