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Household Support

Imagine for a moment...

Books, cozy relaxation

You walk in after a busy day of work, set down your keys and bag and just… breathe.

The dishes from the morning are gone from the table. The sink and dishwasher are empty. The towels that the kids left on the bathroom floor and the toys scattered through the living room are gone. The veggies for dinner are already chopped in the fridge, and the mail is sorted with important items pulled aside with a note that the bills have already been scheduled for online payment. The dog has been walked, fed, and taken for their annual appointment at the vet. The flickering bulb in your closet is magically fixed.


Life's hassles, handled. 

Queen of To Do fairy godmothers your life and home by providing household support. Laundry, dishes, errands–all life’s little hassles are handled while you earn those dollars, build that empire, spend time with family and friends, and protect your most valuable and unrecoverable asset–your time. 

Some of our household support services:

  • Home Organizing

    We'll professionally organize your home's hotspots to meet your specific family's needs. We can work with a wide range of supply budgets.

  • In-Home Laundry

    Your personal assistant will collect laundry throughout the home, wash it in your machines using your preferred supplies and settings, sort, fold/hang and return items to dressers and closets.

  • Errands

    We'll send off returns, pick up prescriptions and online orders, act as your personal shopper, grab the dry cleaning, and more. 

  • Meal Prep

    Whether you're looking for fully cooked and portioned meals or a little help washing and chopping fruits and veggies, our team can handle it all - including picking up the grocery order and putting it neatly away so you don't have to.

  • Waiting Service

    Can't wait around for a 6 hour service window? We'll act as your liaison to let in the cable guy, accept deliveries, collect contractor quotes and more - and we'll tidy up the place while we're at it!

  • House Checks

    Don't let your home fall into disrepair while you're away. Our team can keep an eye on things while you're gone, whether it's for a week or months. 

Ready to give up the mental load of maintaining your home? Book a laid-back coffee chat with our founder, set up a virtual meeting, or grab our detailed service brochure here.