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Take back your free time, we'll handle your errands.

Weekly Recurring Errands

This includes tasks like grocery shopping, dropping off/picking up dry cleaning, depositing a check in the bank, etc. We may have a few questions at first (do you prefer green bananas or yellow ones?), but then we’ll work independently so all you have to do is tell us what needs to be done.

Once per month or so

Do a lot of online shopping and have a lot of returns? Collect all the returns (paying attention to how long the return period is!) over a few weeks and have us knock them all out in one afternoon. Want to buy gift cards from small businesses but you have to pick them up in person? No problem! We’re efficient and will plan the route out to ensure we’re doing them in the fastest order.

For holidays or events

Does the idea of holiday shopping make you cringe? Let us handle it. We’ll deal with the crowds and wait in lines to get the season’s hottest game. Or are you planning an anniversary party and need help gathering supplies and food? Just give us the list and say no more, so you can relax and get ready for your big night. 

Errands and household help

So if you book us for a full day shift, that doesn’t have to be all at your house! Think of us like your personal Doordasher…except we can go anywhere. Craving some tacos from that great little taco truck that’s not on food delivery apps, but don’t have the time to get there? We’ll happily get your lunch and drop off that package you’ve needed to mail on our way there, before we get back to organizing the pantry.

One-time random errands

We’ve done some oddly specific ones, from picking up pumped breastmilk from a momma in San Antonio and delivering it to her family in Austin, to getting a change of clothes from Target washed, dried, and delivered to a new client’s Airbnb.

No hidden fees or costs

Queen of To Do doesn’t charge any extra for errands, so there’s no hidden fuel, mileage, or any other costs. It’s the same hourly rate as the rest of our Personal Assistant services, and we’re not limited to just the Austin area. So if the perfect armchair is only in stock at the San Antonio IKEA, that’s no problem. We have employees who love to drive and will save you the time and hassle of getting there yourself.  

A few other examples

Queen of To Do's personal assistants can handle it all.

  • Waiting in line

    Want to try Franklin Barbecue but don't wanna wait there all day? We'll stand in line and pickup your brisket, then bring it straight to your house.

  • Plant shopping

    Picking out the perfect plant from a local nursery as a housewarming gift. 

  • Gift shopping

    Need a gift for your niece's first birthday party? We'll pick out the perfect toy and make sure it's wrapped and party ready.

  • Car servicing

    Need an oil change and inspection to get your car registration renewed? We'll wait at the service center and then at the tax office, so you never have to leave the house

  • Pet care and walking

    We'll take your pup for a walk and to the vet for their annual check-up!

  • Prescription pickup

    Your information is safe with us. And if you're out of town but need a refill, we can pick it up and send it to you, so you never have a lapse in meds. 


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