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Queen of To Do is here to solve your laundry struggles.

Laundry is a time consuming task, from gathering up all the kids' smelly socks to making sure the pants are folded and pressed the correct way. Wouldn't you rather use that time for tasks you actually want to do?

Austin laundry and folding services in-home

All in your home, to your specifications

Laundry services are some of our most requested! Queen of To Do will handle it all, from picking up scattered dirty clothes to making sure they’re neatly folded or hung back in the exact right place. It’s like the laundry fairy visited!

On our first visit, we’ll make sure to ask for all the specifics on how you like your laundry done. We know how important your clothes are, so we want to make sure we know exactly how you like them to be handled! We want to know ALLLLLL the dirty little details, from what wash temp you like for towels vs workout clothes to how you like your undergarments folded. 

In most cases you’ll work with the same personal assistant each time, so you’ll only have to explain specifics once. In the case they can’t make it, we’ll ensure all the info gets passed along to their substitute so there’s no lapse in quality. 

All your laundry is always done in your home so you don't need to worry about cleanliness of other machines or non-preferred products being used. You also don’t have to worry that a sock will get stuck in a dryer off-site and left behind!

Since we come into your home, we really can handle it all from picking up your kids' clothes off of the floor to washed, dried, sorted, folded and fully put away so you truly don't need to have a hand in the process. No need to remember to set the bag of dirty laundry out for pickup, no worries that someone will steal the bag of clean laundry upon drop-off, etc.

Lastly, we offer straightforward pricing per hour. Pricing per pound sounds like a bargain, until you get into it and realize how many pounds of laundry a family of five makes every week! It adds up quickly for sure. With Queen of To Do, you simply book us for as many hours as you’d like and we’ll complete as many loads as we can in a shift. We’ll start the washing machine as soon as we arrive, then use the time the machine runs to do any other household tasks you'd like us to take care of. 

hung laundry wardrobe neat tidy

Queen of To Do can handle all your clothes closet related tasks:

  • Clothes sorting

    Kids grow like weeds and get holes, stains, or tears in clothes in the blink of an eye! Let us pull out all the garments that are too small or damaged. 

  • Simple clothes repairs

    We're a talented bunch and can sew a button back on, mend a hole, or do other small alterations. And if something needs a tailor, we can take it there!

  • Ironing or Steaming

    We'll do as much or as little as you like, whether you like a crisply ironed dress shirt for each workday or need a wrinkle-free gown for your company's annual gala.

  • Swapping seasonal items

    Your thick heavy sweaters don't need to occupy prime closet space year-round. We'll neatly fold and store them where you like, and will make sure your closet is up to date for the current season.

  • Handwashing or stain treating

    Delicate garments or fabrics need to be treated gently, we get it. We'll handwash them just how you would. And in the unlikely case something gets damaged, we have insurance and will happily replace the piece or reimburse you.

  • Closet organization

    Whether you just need help getting it back under control or want to install a whole new closet system, we're here to help.

Ready to kiss your laundry hassles goodbye? Book a laid-back coffee chat with our founder, set up a virtual meeting, or grab our detailed service brochure here.



"With five children under twelve my family spends a lot of time dealing with clothing! It's such a relief to have our Queen of To Do swoop in to catch up on dirty laundry, sort through what still works and what doesn't, and drop off the donations so we don't have to worry about it."