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Who We Are & How We Got Here

Kate and Ti

Kate Ginsberg started Queen of To Do shortly after moving to Austin, Texas in late 2010 with her first husband, newborn son, and their three dogs. Coming from Des Moines, IA and the world of academia, it was a huge leap of faith into entrepreneurship and building a business on her terms.


She started with one client and worked closely with them, toting her tiny sidekick along in baby carriers. That first client recommended Queen of To Do via word of mouth and on social media, and the rest was history! Many of our original clients (and ones we still have to this day) came from a group of busy attorneys who are also moms. Kate worked alone for almost a decade, through raising her first son, carrying her second, and then also raising him (occasionally along for the ride in carriers as well!).


Along the way Kate has had quite a few adventures! She’s done countless loads of laundry and dishes, replanned a wedding in under 72 hours due to a hurricane, built pretty much every piece of Ikea furniture in their inventory, packed (and unpacked) a plethora of boxes, driven allll over Austin running errands, decorated dozens of magazine-quality Christmas trees, thrown an epic first birthday party, helped small business owners and entrepreneurs achieve success, and so much more. 



kate laundry-1

Kate and Heather met early in their parenting journeys, at a local babywearing meeting. They became fast friends, even if it did take a while to learn each other's names in that early motherhood haze! Heather went on to become president of the small, loosely organized babywearing group and grew it into a thriving nonprofit serving hundreds of families in multiple locations each month. She later joined the local group to a larger parent organization and eventually became President of the Board of Directors for that international organization with more than 100 chapters and 4,000 active volunteers.  

In early 2021, Heather approached Kate to ask what was stopping her from expanding Queen of To Do, and the rest is history! She joined in May 2021 to help hire our first employees and work closely with Kate to build the systems necessary to expand her one-woman show into a closely connected and supportive team. 

In the next 7 months, Queen of To Do had hired 8 full time employees, which quickly became 14 in the summer of 2022! We're proud to say our goal of expanding into another market in 2023 is becoming a reality as we move into San Antonio and look at making our first hires in Houston as well. 

Our team


Kate Ginsberg

CEO and Founder

Kate (she/her) is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of QoTD. Her absolute favorite thing to do is holiday decorating from 16 foot trees to the perfect mantle with stockings, she’ll do it all! She also loves making spaces functional and beautiful so clients can truly enjoy them and not feel overwhelmed by their own homes. Her biggest accomplishment is growing QoTD over the past 11 years with Heather’s help, while still raising her kiddos and supporting her husband Mike through his health challenges. She’s originally from NW Iowa and attended college in Des Moines. When not working or driving her kids somewhere, she enjoys quilting, thrifting, refinishing furniture, and general shenanigans.

Heather Snaman - COO

Heather Snaman

Chief Operating Officer

Heather (she/her) is Chief Operating Officer and Co-Owner of QoTD, originally hailing from Pittsburgh. She's a mom of 3 (a 13 year-old daughter and 6 year-old twins), an enthusiastic maker-of-things and jane of all trades. She has an absurdly large collection of houseplants (200+), is on a fantastic fitness journey, and loves to sing enthusiastically and occasionally on-key. 

She wears many different hats for Queen of To Do including client relations, graphic design and marketing, website design, systems development, networking in the tech sector, and wrangling robots. Ask her about ChatGPT or MidJourney and you'll never shut her up. 


Megan Selander

Human Resources Manager

Megan (she/her) is the Human Resources Manager with QoTD. She loves organizing and helping clients declutter, along with cooking/baking, planning travel and anything involving a pet, especially cats. When wearing the HR hat, she enjoys writing anything and everything for QoTD, talking to candidates, learning more about the HR field, and onboarding new employees. She grew up in Indianapolis and moved to Austin for grad school a few years ago, but loves the warm weather way too much to go back north! Megan loves gardening and her (five) cats, doing her nails, baking, yoga, caring for her succulent babies, painting, alllll the reality TV, and going to thrift stores for weird art.


Staci Gray

Personal Assistant/Household Manager

Staci (she/her) is a Personal Assistant and trainer with QoTD. Staci has the greenest thumb you’ve ever seen, and is kind of a big dill. She also loves home/porch/garden design and layout, party/event planning, and making desserts (especially gluten-free and vegan!) She used to work in the literary field and is happy to help organize your library, or grow/diversify kids’ and teens’ libraries. Staci is an accomplished children’s singer/songwriter, and you can find her performing around town occasionally! She was raised in Oklahoma, and loves camping, hiking, and being outdoors, as well as gardening and baking.


Betsie Eikenberry

Personal Assistant/Household Manager

Betsie (she/her) is a Personal Assistant with QoTD. Need help purging and organizing “that” closet that hasn’t been touched since 2020? Betsie is who you should call! She’s also great at getting individualized efficient systems in place in your home or assembling your Ikea furniture. She’s raised five children to adulthood, which is a huge accomplishment! When not working or hanging out with her kids, she’s probably reading (typically reads 150-200 books/year!!) Betsie was born and raised in central Indiana, before coming down to Texas!

QOTD (1)-1

Alyssa Long

Personal Assistant/Household Manager

Alyssa (she/her) is a Personal Assistant with QoTD. She comes from the wedding industry, and enjoys setting up decorations, event planning and facilitating, so call her for your next party! She also enjoys running errands, shopping for clients, pet sitting, and any detail-oriented work. Her biggest accomplishments include being a dog mom to three (and soon one human!) and all the magical days she helped create for couples. When not hanging with her pups, she enjoys thrift shopping, traveling, photography, and spending time with family. She’s originally from Oklahoma!

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Kiara Hartney

Personal Assistant/Household Manager

Kiara (she/her) is a Personal Assistant/Household Manager with QoTD. She loves tackling a good cleanout project (like that one guest room closet that hasn’t been touched in years…) and also loves helping clients find new organizational or storage solutions. Kiara is also a pro at calendar management and pet care – she’d love to meet your furry friends! Being a mom to two amazing daughters is one of her biggest accomplishments. When not working or hanging with her girls, you’ll find her crocheting, reading, gaming, or drinking copious amounts of iced coffee. And fun fact, Kiara is originally from Los Angeles, CA! .


Katy Stuhr

Personal Assistant/Household Manager

Katy (she/her) is a Personal Assistant with QoTD. Katy comes to us from a background of corporate communications and executive assistance. She loved her many years in the corporate technology world, but now enjoys raising her two daughters! Katy is a wizard in the kitchen and can suggest fun new menu items for you! She adores a clean fridge and organized pantry. With a love of food always comes a love for a party, and Katy also has a knack for planning and decor. She loves to run, play golf, read and of course cook. Katy is a native Texan from Houston, but went to college in Wisconsin and lived in Chicago for over ten years. 

Cam Condreay

Personal Assistant/Household Manager



Cameron Condreay (he/him) is a Personal Assistant/Household Manager with QoTD. He comes from the music industry, working as an instructor, musician, and band member. His proudest accomplishments thus come from music, whether it be completing a season with a competitive marching ensemble, drumming in a rock n’ roll band, or spending hours teaching drum lessons. Outside of work (and music!) you can find Cam enjoying the simple things like a nice drive on a back road or crafting a delicious home cooked meal. He was born and raised in San Antonio, TX and knows it like the back of his hand, so we’re incredibly excited to have him on the team as we expand into San Antonio.


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