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Reclaim your free time with personal assistant services.

Experience a new kind of personal assistance

For Busy Professionals and Families

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Building Lasting Relationships

Established Trust: Serving clients since 2011, we pride ourselves on our long-standing reputation.

Dedicated Assistance: Each retainer client receives a personal assistant, ensuring consistency and familiarity.

Reliable Backup: Peace of mind with a secondary assistant, guaranteeing uninterrupted service.





Seamless Integration into Your Life

Streamlined Onboarding: Our thorough initial setup guarantees a smooth transition, allowing you to relax and trust that everything is expertly managed.

Proactive Approach: We proactively maintain the harmony of your home and personal life, alleviating the mental load and day-to-day management.





Professional and Reliable Assistance

  • W2 Employees, Not Gig Workers: Our team consists of dedicated W2 employees, ensuring consistent and reliable service.

  • Professionally Trained: Each team member is thoroughly trained, guaranteeing expertise in a wide range of personal assistance tasks.





Utmost Security & Confidentiality

Peace of Mind: Our team members are background checked and insured for your peace of mind.

Discretion Assured: Your privacy is paramount. We maintain discretion and are willing to sign NDAs for enhanced confidentiality.





Proactive Approach to Service

Anticipating Needs: Our team excels in foreseeing and addressing your needs before they become urgent.

Mental Load Reduction: By taking charge of daily details, we significantly reduce your mental load, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.





Dedicated Assistant + Team Support

Team Backup: Your personal assistant is supported by a team, ensuring seamless service even during high-demand periods or unforeseen circumstances.

Collaborative Expertise: Leverage the collective knowledge and skills of our entire team, accessible whenever your dedicated assistant needs additional insights or assistance.

and so much more
Kate Ginsberg (CEO), Megan Selander (HR) and Heather Snaman (COO) of Queen of To Do

Liberate yourself from daily hassles - contact us to reclaim your free time!


"After a flood in my home after snowpocalypse, I had a house that was torn down to the studs. After a massive rebuild and literally a hundred packed boxes, Megan came and like magic started putting my home back together.

I was overwhelmed from a very messy separation and a lot of anxiety over the unpacking and set up needing to be done. Megan was part therapist, part rescuer, and was cheerful throughout bringing a calming presence as she moved through each room, closet, box, purging along the way, creating new places for things in our new home and having the patience and flexibility to let me go at my own pace as I gave up 33 years of history and started my new single life. I am forever grateful."



"I just came home to delicious healthy food prepped in my refrigerator and a spotless kitchen.

Kate is amazing and I am already planning more time with her. She made me feel comfortable leaving even my cat in her hands. I highly recommend her!"

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"Kate is AMAZING! She is reliable, resourceful, and her rates are better than reasonable. She has an amazing eye for the nitty gritty little details that you cannot beat! If you need someone to get the job done, hire any ole person. If you need someone to Wow! your pants off, Kate's the ticket. Call her. Now."

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"As a litigator, business-owner, mother, PTA Vice President, non-profit Board Member and AISD District Advisory Committee Chair, I have very little time for things like... laundry. Actually, I hate laundry and picking up dry cleaning, taking things to goodwill, opening and sorting mail, and organizing the garage.

Thankfully, I have Kate and the team from Queen of To Do to help me. I've worked with Queen of To Do for five years now and I am almost embarrassed to list some of the pickles Kate has gotten me out of, honestly.

Whether it's that my kid wants a custom pinata, I need to sew 40 aprons for Christmas gifts, I can't find a hotel in Roswell, or I need someone to move my husband's shit out of my house after a divorce, Kate comes to the rescue. It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes Queen of To Do to make the busy working mom thing work for you. Trust Me."



"I just moved to the area and am totally overwhelmed  with unpacking and arranging my kitchen and other rooms. 

When Staci started helping me, I was able to see my floors without boxes to the ceiling. Her organizing ideas have helped me tremendously. Anything I needed done she helped me accomplish or did it herself.  She is so easy to work with."



"This is the best service! They did an excellent job in packaging up loose items in different rooms as I was getting ready for a floor install. I highly recommend them!!!"

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Featured In

The Austin Chronicle Best of Austin 2023 Finalist Badge
Google Highly Rated 5 star reviews since 2011 Queen of To Do
Spectrum Reach's Pay it Forward commercial grant recipient
The Austin Chronicle's Best of Austin 2022 Finalist Queen of To Do
Nominee for 2023 Businesswoman of the Year award
Guest of the Crown Yourself Podcast with Kimberly Spencer
The Curiosity Solution Podcast guest Kate Ginsberg
AARP Meet the Founders Interview Series - Kate Ginsberg podcast guest Queen of To Do
Nextdoor Neighborhood Fave 2023 Queen of To Do
The Bank of America Institute for Women's Entrepreneurship at Cornell
eCornell Women's Entrepreneurship Certificate Recipients Kate Ginsberg and Heather Snaman
Communication Queen podcast with Kimberly Spencer guest Kate Ginsberg Queen of To Do
SXSW Proposal Women in Business Unite: Strategic Connections Empower Hour
NAWBO National Association of Women Business Owners members
Action Coach Business Spotlight podcast guest Kate Ginsberg Queen of To Do
Queen of To Do is a leading professional organizer in the Austin, TX and Dallas, TX professional organizers directory on
Public Private Strategies Meet the Founders video series Queen of To Do
NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center Milestone Circles Milestone Makers Graduate
The Business Spotlight with Kate Ginsberg on Persistence and More Keys to Success
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