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Take back your weekends.

We'll handle all of life's hassles while you focus on what matters.

Life's hassles, handled.

What does that mean?

Say goodbye to laundry day

Never fold a mountain of clothes again.

We'll do laundry in your home to your specifications, from floor to folded and neatly put away.

Stress-free meals

Imagine coming home to a fully cooked meal and groceries in the fridge.

We can do as much or as little as you'd like, including meal planning, grocery shopping, prep work, cooking, portioning and washing dishes.

Everything neat and tidy

We'll make sure everything has a place, from kids' toys to pantry organization and beyond.

We can help you make choices on what to keep and bring the rest for donation or consignment.

Easy home maintenance

We'll schedule service providers and let them into your home so you don't have to take off work.

We can recommend providers who have done good work for other clients or use someone you prefer.

And so much more.

Our team has a wide range of skills, and we love a project! We've assisted with cross-country moves, upkeep of multi-property estates, acting as runners for remodeling projects, setting up and maintaining incredible houseplant collections, gardening, green-home services, data entry, office relocations and so much more.


See what people are saying

"After a flood in my home after snowpocalypse, I had a house that was torn down to the studs. After a massive rebuild and literally a hundred packed boxes, Megan came and like magic started putting my home back together.

I was overwhelmed from a very messy separation and a lot of anxiety over the unpacking and set up needing to be done. Megan was part therapist, part rescuer, and was cheerful throughout bringing a calming presence as she moved through each room, closet, box, purging along the way, creating new places for things in our new home and having the patience and flexibility to let me go at my own pace as I gave up 33 years of history and started my new single life. I am forever grateful."



"As a litigator, business-owner, mother, PTA Vice President, non-profit Board Member and AISD District Advisory Committee Chair, I have very little time for things like... laundry. Actually, I hate laundry and picking up dry cleaning, taking things to goodwill, opening and sorting mail, and organizing the garage.

Thankfully, I have Kate and the team from Queen of To Do to help me. I've worked with Queen of To Do for five years now and I am almost embarrassed to list some of the pickles Kate has gotten me out of, honestly.

Whether it's that my kid wants a custom pinata, I need to sew 40 aprons for Christmas gifts, I can't find a hotel in Roswell, or I need someone to move my husband's shit out of my house after a divorce, Kate comes to the rescue. It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes Queen of To Do to make the busy working mom thing work for you. Trust Me."



"I just came home to delicious healthy food prepped in my refrigerator and a spotless kitchen.

Kate is amazing and I am already planning more time with her. She made me feel comfortable leaving even my cat in her hands. I highly recommend her!"

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"I just moved to the area and am totally overwhelmed  with unpacking and arranging my kitchen and other rooms. 

When Staci started helping me, I was able to see my floors without boxes to the ceiling. Her organizing ideas have helped me tremendously. Anything I needed done she helped me accomplish or did it herself.  She is so easy to work with."



"Kate is AMAZING! She is reliable, resourceful, and her rates are better than reasonable. She has an amazing eye for the nitty gritty little details that you cannot beat! If you need someone to get the job done, hire any ole person. If you need someone to Wow! your pants off, Kate's the ticket. Call her. Now."

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"This is the best service! They did an excellent job in packaging up loose items in different rooms as I was getting ready for a floor install. I highly recommend them!!!"

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Ready to reclaim your downtime?