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Join our growing team!

A bright and colorful photo of three women smiling in front of a pastel rainbow. Megan is on the left, Kate in the middle and Heather on the right.

Join Queen of To Do, a fast-growing woman-owned luxury service provider, and turn life's hassles into harmony. We offer personal assistant and household management services in Central Texas, helping clients navigate their busy lives. Our team handles tasks like laundry, tidying, errands, personal shopping, organizing, and generally ensuring a smooth-running home.


As we expand to San Antonio, we're seeking an adaptable Personal Assistant open to part or full-time work. The ideal candidate will be independent, resourceful, tech-proficient, and able to thrive in a remote role. You determine your availability while we match you to suitable clients.


Our Culture


  • Positive & Team-Oriented: A can-do attitude and an ability to work both by yourself or, occasionally, as part of a team. We cherish our supportive team culture and fitting into this culture is the primary job requirement.
  • Growth Mindset: We’re all forging new paths, and we may have missteps along the way. Our character is shown in how we learn and grow from our mistakes, as we continually strive to do what's right.
  • Communication Skills: Strong written and verbal skills are crucial, including open-mindedness, emotional intelligence and listening for understanding.

Position Requirements


  • Energy & Flexibility: Meet and anticipate needs with enthusiasm and adaptability. Make smart decisions and ask for guidance when necessary.
  • Instruction Adherence: Able to follow directions precisely, ensuring tasks are completed accurately and to the client’s specifications.
  • Priority Management: Skilled at evaluating and adjusting priorities as needed to meet both client expectations and operational demands.
  • Time Management: Excellently manage your personal work schedule, balancing flexibility with efficiency to maximize productivity and client satisfaction.
  • Tech Literacy: Be comfortable with Google Drive and eager to gain new technology skills. Reliable internet and smartphone are essential.
  • Reliable transportation: While we aim to minimize drive times by matching clients to the nearest team member, we serve a large area so a reliable vehicle is essential.
  • Physical Fitness: This role requires the ability to stand and move throughout the day, occasionally lift up to 50 lbs, reach overhead, and bend down. Candidates should be comfortable with being on their feet for extended periods and maintaining general physical activity during work hours.
  • Background Check: Successful candidates must pass a comprehensive background check due to the nature of the work, which involves entering and working inside clients' homes. This step ensures the safety and trust of our clients and upholds the integrity of our service.

At Queen of To Do, we're more than just a service provider—we're a community committed to growth, both personally and professionally.


What Sets Us Apart


  • Inclusive Culture: We're dedicated to fostering an inclusive workplace where diversity is celebrated, and everyone feels valued. Regardless of your background, experience, or identity, Queen of To Do welcomes you to apply and contribute to our diverse team, ensuring a rich tapestry of perspectives that enrich our service and community.
  • Growth Opportunities: We support professional and personal growth.
  • Stay-at-Home Parents Welcome: If you're a stay-at-home parent looking to re-enter the workforce, our flexible and supportive environment is the perfect fit, especially if your kids are now in school and you're ready to embark on a new professional journey.
  • Diverse Backgrounds Encouraged: While we value experience in household management and multitasking—the kind often gained from managing a busy family home—we appreciate that valuable skills can come from various backgrounds. We invite you to share how your unique experiences prepare you for this role.
  • Stable Employment: You're a valued W-2 employee, not a contractor.
  • Competitive Pay: $20/hour to start, with potential raise at 90 days.
  • Fuel Allowance & Maintenance: $200 per month for fuel plus quarterly oil changes to support your mobility.


Join Our Growing Team

As we continue to expand, we're looking for individuals eager to grow with us. If you're seeking a role that values your contribution, encourages your growth, and offers the flexibility to support your lifestyle, Queen of To Do is your next step.


Queen of To Do team - clockwise from left: Kate, Stacy, Lisa, Heather, Kiara, Betsie