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Comprehensive Household Support Services in Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio

At Queen of To Do, we offer an extensive range of household support services designed to keep your home running smoothly. From home organization and decluttering to maintenance coordination and daily chores management, our team handles all the details. Explore our comprehensive list of services below and discover how we can create a stress-free and well-maintained home environment for you.


Linen Closet

Clothes and Closets


Food and Beverages

Tidying Up



Garden and Yard





Miscellaneous Household Support Tasks



  • Gathering dirty clothes
  • Sorting, washing, drying, hanging and folding
  • Handwashing delicate items
  • Stain treatment and air drying
  • Putting away clean clothes
  • Laundry area organization
  • Shopping for and implementing storage solutions
  • Finding new laundry machines or repair services
  • Meeting technicians for appointments

Linen Closet Organization

  • Organization and optimization
  • Finding new folding methods
  • Applying contact paper
  • Dusting and wiping down shelves

Clothes and Closet Organization

  • Closet makeovers and organization
  • Working with existing structures or finding new solutions
  • Seasonal item storage and swapping
  • Small sewing repairs (buttons, zippers, hemming)
  • Sourcing providers for custom sewing projects
  • Dry cleaning drop-off and pick-up
  • Finding tailors and shoe repair services
  • Ironing or steaming clothes
  • Shoe polishing
  • Pulling out clothes that are too small, too big, or damaged
  • Styling help for events

Kitchen Management

  • Loading/unloading dishwasher, running cleaning cycle
  • Hand washing delicate items
  • Reorganizing kitchen cabinets and pantry
  • Installing and implementing storage solutions
  • Throwing away and replacing expired items
  • Creating freezer or pantry inventory
  • Finding and booking repair technicians

Food and Beverages

  • Ingredient prep and washing produce, marinating
  • Meal preparation from recipes
  • Specialized diet assistance (vegan, gluten-free, keto, etc.)
  • Snack preparation
  • Finding and booking meal prep services or personal chefs
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Grocery shopping, farmers market, butcher, other specialty shopping and pickup
  • Finding specialty ingredients
  • Organizing pantry and fridge
  • Beverage preparation (juice, smoothies, coffee, etc.)
  • Descaling coffee maker

Tidying Up

  • Picking up clothes, accessories, and towels
  • Emptying trash and recycling, bringing cans to and from the curb
  • Re-fluffing pillows and resetting seating areas
  • Unpacking bags and boxes
  • Unpacking and sorting kids' school bag, luggage
  • Charging electronics
  • Sorting kids' toys and games
  • Managing mail and documents, including shredding
  • Opening and closing curtains and blinds
  • Organizing bookshelves and finding new books

Home Organizing

  • Closets, pantries, and food storage
  • Bathroom and medicine cabinets
  • Garage and shed organization
  • Shelves and toy/play areas
  • Desks, dressers, nightstands, other areas

Garage Organizing and Management

  • Sorting and organizing efficiently
  • Sourcing and implementing new storage solutions
  • Holiday decor storage
  • Arranging consultations for large or custom storage solutions
  • Booking garage refinishing services such as epoxy flooring
  • Tidying tools and shop studio spaces
  • Bringing waste to recycle facility or hazardous waste disposal

Garden and Yard

  • Potted plant maintenance, repotting, and watering
  • Finding and managing service providers for lawn care, landscaping, irrigation, swim, grill cleaning, arborist, tree trimmer
  • Power washing and tidying up outdoor areas
  • Garden bed planning and sourcing plants
  • Setting up ground-level seasonal decor, managing lighting companies

Bathroom Organizing and Management

  • Changing towels, mats, shower curtain/liner and washing dirty ones
  • Restocking toiletries, reordering as needed
  • Organizing products and linens
  • Tidying and sanitizing bathtime toys
  • Medicine cabinet organization
  • Bringing expired medications for drop-off
  • Simple repairs and installations
  • Booking and meeting repair technicians

Support for Families with Kids

  • PTA support
  • Virtual tasks
  • Packing lunches and school bags
  • Washing and prepping sports uniforms
  • Creating baby registries (we're experts!)
  • Planning showers, sprinkles, parties and events
  • Changing kids' room decor and theme
  • Sourcing toys and gifts
  • Playroom organization and implementing toy rotation systems
  • Booking camps and kid events
  • Researching and booking a nanny, childcare center, or school
  • Drop off forgotten items at school
  • Scan in/organize artwork and projects

House Sitting Services

  • Watering plants
  • Collecting mail and packages
  • Managing trash, recycling and compost
  • Grocery order pickup and unpacking
  • Opening and closing blinds and curtains
  • Changing bedding and running laundry
  • Winterizing outdoor spigots

Pet Support Services

  • Pet care and sitting
  • Bringing pets to groomer, on walks, to vet appointments, obedience training
  • Taking donations to animal shelters
  • Building pet furniture
  • Building a cat wall
  • Washing pet bedding

Miscellaneous Household Support

  • Furniture assembly
  • Finding lost items

Is there a service that you're interested in that we have somehow omitted from this list? Don't despair! If it's ethical, legal, and within our abilities we'll almost certainly take care of it!

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