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Using Virtual Assistants for More than Just Office Tasks- from Email Management to Sourcing Birthday Gifts

While a great deal of our work is done in clients’ homes on site in the Austin Texas area, we also offer virtual assistant services. These are perhaps lesser known than our personal assistant or lifestyle concierge services, so we wanted to highlight them in this post! Overall, our virtual assistants work remotely and can assist with maaaaaany virtual tasks (such as calendar management, email upkeep, making reservations, or travel planning, to name a few). 

Small Business Support

Some of our clients who utilize virtual assistants need small business support. By hiring a virtual assistant and getting help with outgoing mail and appointment setting for example, you can focus less on the general office tasks and more on higher-level work. Data entry, social media support, research, organizing files, creating spreadsheets, whatever you and your business needs. All of our virtual assistants are background checked and can sign an NDA if you’d like, so all your confidential information stays with us. 

Our virtual assistant can work with you to learn your software or more specialized company tasks, such as a specific bookkeeping program. For example, Queen of To Do has worked with an insurance company to help generate and print documents and insurance cards, then send them to patients or providers. Posting blogs, podcasts, or on social media are other commonly requested tasks we’ve done before for businesses.

Personal Tasks

But you certainly don’t have to own a business to work with a virtual assistant! Keeping up with your emails and calendar can feel like a full-time job, especially if you have a big family. A virtual assistant can assist in getting your inbox back under control (if you’re one of those people who has thousands of unread emails!) and can categorize and label emails to make them easier to find in the future. If needed, your virtual assistant can also respond to emails on your behalf as well. 

For calendar management, a virtual assistant can help with every aspect: from (re)scheduling events, confirming events, inputting events from a paper calendar or other source, providing reminders about upcoming events,  or setting out of office reminders. Having a virtual assistant to manage your calendar and time means that you don’t have to worry about finding an open time to squeeze in an appointment with your child’s teacher – just ask your virtual assistant to help you schedule the meeting and it’ll appear on your calendar, just like magic!

One off tasks

Not all virtual tasks are reoccurring, we’re happy to work on shorter term projects with clients. Our virtual assistants can handle any task that can be done virtually, such as looking for and booking travel, finding the perfect desk for your office, searching for a vet with open availability ASAP, finding a birthday gift for a 5 year old, or combing through Yelp reviews to look for a romantic dinner and making reservations.

Why Queen of To Do?

Lastly, why choose us for virtual assistant services? We’re a bit biased, but we have amazing employees who are extremely skilled and talented. Queen of To Do is also a woman-owned small business and we are dedicated to paying our employees a living wage, unlike some cheaper virtual assistants you may find online. Whether you need help once or a hundred times, Queen of To Do is here to help. Delegate your impossible or annoying virtual tasks to us so you can spend your time on what’s really important.