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Inside Scoop: Our hiring process and considerations

Letting someone into your home is nerve-wracking for many of us. How do you know the person is trustworthy? This is a top concern for Queen of To Do as well, so we’d like to share a bit more about our hiring process.

We begin by thoughtfully crafting a job description for personal assistant recruitment, no template personal assistant job post here! Working as a personal assistant is a unique position where no two days are the same, and we want our post to reflect that. It reflects our company and values: strong communication skills; the ability to work well in a tight knit team; emotional intelligence and the ability to be a calm, organized presence in clients’ homes. It’s also important to us to address applicants correctly, so we ask them to provide their pronouns.

When reviewing personal assistant applicants, we don’t only look at one specific background. The skills needed to be successful in this position can come from many industries and experiences. In the initial interview, Megan, our HR Manager, asks thoughtful questions and looks for culture fit and reliability. Only candidates we really think would be successful make it to the second interview, where they meet with Kate (Queen of To Do's founder and CEO). This interview is spent getting to know them even more. Personality and fit are *so* important in our company and we only extend offers to people who we all believe will thrive and grow with us.

Before a new hire even steps foot in a client’s home, they have been background checked and insured. We have a robust online training program they complete, as well as personal assistant training in person with our more senior staff. Training lasts for two to three weeks, where we get an even better idea of the new hire’s skills and interests. When a personal assistant and client are paired, rest assured that this has been done with lots of consideration for long term success in mind.

One of the advantages of hiring a personal assistant through us is the ability to work with someone different if needed. We have a team of about twelve full and part time employees and are still growing. So, if your schedule changes, the fit isn’t right, or you need someone with different experience, we have you covered. Management is always here for any issues that come up, or if you just want to brag about how good of a job your personal assistant is doing!